Travel Immunisation Consults can assist you regarding your overseas trip and we offer a designated Travel Clinic for your overseas travel health advice and vaccinations.

Torquay Walk In Travel Clinic can assist you with all aspects of travel medicine including:

  • Pre-travelling medical checks. Are you fit to travel? These checks are especially important if you are travelling to a developing country and/or you have a pre-existing conditions that could impact your holiday.
  • Travel medicine consultations. The doctor will discuss travel immunisation and medicines needed to protect you on your travels. You may also wish to discuss food and water-borne diseases, mosquitoes, parasites and if you should take a travelling first aid kit.
  • Post-holiday health checks and treatment. Travelled recently and feeling unwell? Choice Medical walk-in medical clinic will thoroughly examine the possibility of exotic diseases that could impact your health, and that of your family.

The Travel Clinic can also help plan your regular prescription medication so you have an adequate supply while you are away.

Please  advise your travel destination when booking your appointment as more time may need to be allowed for more complex

Please make your appointments if possible at least 6 weeks before departure to ensure adequate time to complete injection regimes.

Previous Immunisations and your specific itinerary are important information to bring with you on the day of your appointment.

Some vaccinations may require you to remain at the practice for up to 30 minutes so please take this in to account when planning your day. A free pocket medical guide with international vaccination certificates for Yellow Fever vaccine will be provided during your visit.

Families attending:-

It is strongly encouraged that all family members attend on the same day rather than staggered visits to allow for continuity of care.

Please see the Fee Guide tab for more information regarding the cost of vaccines.