The Torquay Walk In Clinic is undergoing some changes to how we structure our systems to book our patients.

We have had a shortage of Doctors on the Surfcoast for a long time and the lack of ability to be able to provide both walk-in's and appointments for our patients has been a regular source of angst both from some of our patients but also how we fit everyone who is seeking care into the limited hours of the day.

We are re-branding the Walk-In aspect of the clinic and will still have on the day appointments available, however we removing Walk-In from our signs and logos as we couldn't facilitate the provision of that service satisfactorily to our patients and it was resulting in a limited service being able to be facilitated with our patients.

For the short term we are closing on weekends until we can rebuild the team and get new Doctors into the practice to help with the roster. This is a decision that we have been struggling with for quite some time as regularly we didn't have a weekend GP due to sickness, unavailability or leave.

Myers Street and The Cottage are both open part or all of the weekend for care outside our opening times.

As from the 16th Sept our signage will reflect the change and we will be branding as Torquay Medical Health and Wellness Clinic as we move forward to expanding the types of services we offer.

When we have recruited more GP's we will recommence the weekend walk-in service for our patients and the community.